Friday, October 19, 2012


As soon as all the people saw Jesus, they were overwhelmed with wonder and ran to greet him.  "What are you arguing about?" he asked.  A man in the crowd answered, "Teacher, I brought my son, who is possessed by a spirit that has robbed him of speech. Whenever it seizes him, it throws him to the ground.  He foams at the mouth, gnashes his teeth and becomes rigid. I asked your disciples to drive out the spirit, but they could not.  Mark 9:15-18

This father loved his child and saw his child suffer so much.  The child was not able to speak and was tormented day and night.  The father was desperate and depressed.  He did not know what to do.  It was tiring to witness this.  It happened many times during the day.  It consumed the father's time.  Finally, he mustered up the courage to go to Jesus' disciples to see if what others were saying were true.  Can my son be made whole?  Can he live a normal life?  He had spent years enduring this and was without hope.  

Jesus when seeing the boy asked the father, "How long has he been like this?"  The father sadly responded since childhood.  He went on to tell him that "it has oftened thrown him into the fire or water to kill him."  He pleaded with Jesus "can you do anything, take pity on us and help us." 

When you are without hope it brings in a darkness.  It brings in despair, depression, hopelessness, disappointment, discouragement and disillusionment.  Could you possibly imagine being under this oppression?  The father had endured many years of this suffering seeing his son in torment.  Will his son ever have a normal life?  Will he ever have a normal life again?  He was so distraught that he exclaimed to Jesus "I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief."

Are you now enduring years of a circumstance or situation that you have had no reprieve?  You have prayed and prayed and it seems as if the heavens are but brass.  It is like you hit a ceiling so hard that nothing can penetrate it.  You too like this father have hit an all time low and depression has sent in.  It is like your closest friend right now.  It is hard to be optimistic.  Ever day you try to put on your happy face, but inside you are full of despair, hopelessness, disappointment, discouragement and disillusionment.  The good news is that Jesus is there for you.  He came to set the captives free, give sight to the blind and to remove all oppression (Luke 4:18).  He came to destroy the works of the devil (Acts 10:38).  He knows this is a tough season for you and he has been right next to you.  Although the season seems dark, there is a new dawn of light in the distance.  He is bringing healing in his wings.  It will bring hope and restoration to your soul.  Faith is rising in your heart.   

Then Jesus then rebuked the spirit and the boy became whole again.  The father now had hope.  His life and life of his child was restored.  The darkness began to lift along with the depression, despair, hopelessness, disappointment, disillusionment and discouragement.  May the God of all glory show you his goodness and mercy and deliver you from your circumstances.  May Jesus show you his might and power and destroy the works of the devil so that you may be made whole.

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