Saturday, January 19, 2013

Need Encouragement?

There are many times in life when things go awry.  The enemy tries to bring you down low.  Some are resilient and bounce back and some find it difficult.  Some endure more than others.  There are many examples of this in the bible, but the one who stands out the most to me is King David.

King David was all too familiar with needing encouragement.  He was anointed as king at as a young man.  Things were going well for David.  He defeated Goliath and was married into King Saul's family becoming a prince.  He was rising up in stature because of his confidence in God by defeating the Philistine army.  He was favored among the people and began to receive more stature than King Saul.  People were rejoicing and singing:   "Saul killed 1000's Philistines and David killed tens of thousands of Philistines."  He wasn't seeking the glory, but the extreme favor of God got the attention of King Saul.  King Saul became very jealous and fearful because he knew that it was prophesied that he would lose the kingdom that given to someone else due to his disobedience.  However, rather than repenting, Saul decided to try and destroy David.  David was the one who blessed the army by defeating Goliath and he was also his son-in-law.  Talk about feeling a little bit betrayed, rejected and hurt.  Now David found himself running for 20 years from Saul.   David only wanted good for King Saul, yet Saul did not wish the same for him.  Saul spent the balance of his life trying to find and kill David.

David wrote the majority of the Psalms.  He was more than familiar with heartache.  He experienced much rejection, hurt and abuse.  He endured hardship, heartache and troubles.  He experienced much affliction.  He loved the Lord and at times felt as if he were in the valley of the shadow of death.  He knew the only way to survive this was by seeking God.  He knew that this involved laying his troubles before God and asking for help.  He also knew that praising God and seeing his goodness would bring deliverance.  So daily he would pour out his heart to God and then praise Him for His goodness.  He knew that even in the most dire situation, God cared for him and would deliver him.  He didn't understand why this was happening to him, but he endured and kept the faith.  He knew that God is faithful.

God desires to encourage us.  Like David, we sometimes have to encourage ourselves in the Lord.  David was an example of one who endured much hardship when given so many promises.  He was anointed King and it took 20 years to see the fulfillment of that promise.  However, he did not give up hope in this promise, but held tightly to God.  He kept in constant fellowship waiting on God.  God is waiting on us to come to him today to have fellowship with him.  Just like David, we too need to encourage ourselves.  The book of Psalms is a great place to start.  God has something good to share with us.  He has blessed us because we have been forgiven for our sins.  God loved us so much that He sent His one and only Son to die for us that we may have eternal life.  He has also given us a peace that is not of this world.  We can be assured that God is with us.  He has a sure word for us because he is faithful.  He has us in the palm of his hands.  God began a good work in us and will complete it.  He will keep us strong until the end.  He has plans to prosper us and not to harm us but one that will give us a hope and a future.  He is here to day to give us life and life abundantly.  God is good.  All good gifts come from above.  Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil in our lives.  So in the midst of the trial look above and be expecting that what the enemy meant for evil God will turn around for good.  Be expecting victory in Christ Jesus!

Blessing you with encouragement, strength and endurance!

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