Monday, February 4, 2013

A Time for Everything is Now

As a follower of Jesus Christ, the greatest thing that we have to hold onto is keeping the faith.  I have seen and experienced more than I desired in the body of Christ.  I am really surprised at how many people do not really read the bible or desire to live a life worthy of the Lord.  My experience in the church have not always been joyful.  I can clearly see that Jesus's word is true when he said that there would be weeds among the wheat.  We represent Christ and I cannot tell you how greatly grieved I have been by seeing what has been done in the churches.  I have seen churches bring in witchcraft.  I have seen others who talk about love, yet reject others from entering into their church circles.  I have seen the hypocrites who won't accept you until you do this or that within their church.  It has blown my mind.  I have been in deliverance ministry where I have seen demons cast out, but they became more focused on demons rather than Christ.  I experienced others who have had God's anointing and gifts become became very oppressive and critical tearing down everything I was doing. I have had others who were jealous of the gifts God gave me and it caused division.  Rather than love, I experienced the works of the flesh around me.  I have helped out the poor and needy only to have them shun me later on.  I was told that I was interfering in a marriage by giving gifts certificates for food and gas to a young mother when her husband was out of work who was mentally and physically abusive to her.  I would share the word of God with others and believers and they rejected me.  I was excluded from their groups.

What happened to the body of believers?  Where is your fire?  Don't you realize that God is coming back seeking a church without spot or wrinkle?  Do we think that we can perfect our walk with Christ in the flesh?  What has happened to our desire to share the gospel of Jesus with others?  Is love making it nice for everyone?  Don't hurt anyone's feelings?  Is that what Jesus did?  Is that what Paul did?  Did they not say to also exhort and bring correction as well?  Is not love one who pulls them out of the fire?  Do we support those who are in sin?  I don't know about others, but the bible gives clear instruction.  It has been very difficult for me to see this.  What has happened to the church?  Have we become like the Laodicians?  Are we just lukewarm preaching something that will not bring forth the power of God.  Are we perfecting the works of the flesh rather than being led by the Spirit of God? What has happened?  

Awake and arise church!!!!  God is calling you forth.  We need harvesters to send out into the fields that are ripe.  We need those to bring hope to a lost and dying generation.  We need those who hear the word to do it. We hold the good news for those who are in need which is the power of God. We have the answer that will bring life to them.  We hold the goodness of God in our hearts that leads to repentance.  We have a purpose and a calling!  We need to rise to the occasion and really desire to bring truth to those around us.  Some are perishing and they may not have tomorrow.

The fountains of living waters are in us!!  God is alive and that is what I experienced over 13 years ago.  I came into contact with a God who was living.  He is still giving out gifts and bringing truth.  He is still healing the sick, raising the dead and helping the lame walk.  He has given us his son and the power to overcome all sin.  He has given us his word, covenant and promises.  He is waiting on us to wake up!

The season is changing it says in Ecclesiastes 3 that there is a time for everything.  Now is a time to die to self.  Now is the time to uproot those things in your life that are not of God.  Now is a time to heal and bring healing to others.  Now is a time to build in the Kingdom of God.  Now is a time to laugh at the enemy and his lies.  Now is a time to dance and worship the Lord.  Now is a time to gather up the harvest and prepare her for Jesus glorious return.  Now is a time to refrain from embracing the world's way.  Now is a time to give up on the old stuff in your life.  Now is the time to throw away the sin that so easily besets you.  Now is a time to speak and tell others about the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Now is a time to hate the sin but love the sinner.  Now is a time to rest in the peace that Jesus came to give us.

God is looking for those who will do his will.  He is looking for the one who will preach the gospel in season and out of season and to intercede and pray for his will to be done on earth.  Today my hope is that we will arise and wake up to our calling and that God will give us strength, power and might to accomplish his Kingdom purposes.

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