Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Anger, The Devil's Foothold

"In your anger do not sin.  Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry, and do not give the devil a foothold."  Ephesians 4:26

Anger is a very strong emotion and is rooted in unforgiveness.  It we are not careful in how we handle anger, we will find that we will end up in sin allowing Satan to have a foothold in our lives.  Anger is defined as to become angry.  It is interesting to see that other related words include annoy, embitter, provoke, antagonize and vex. When we are walking in anger, our soul will be vexed and the Satan will antagonize and provoke us mentally, physically and emotionally.  

Matthew 18:23-35 tells us a story about a man who owed a great debt.  The king wanted to settle the accounts with his servants and the servant did not have the money to repay.  The king ordered for this man and his family to be sold for the debt to be repaid which was huge.  The man begged and out of mercy the king forgave the man's debt.  As the man left, he found someone along the way who owed him a very small debt.  The man who owed him begged for mercy, however, he refused to show him any.  He threw the man in prison until he could pay his debt.  When those around him saw the great mercy extended to him and how he would not show mercy to this one who owed him little, they went to the king and shared the story.  The king called the servant and confronted him.  He reminded him of the cancellation of his debt and that he should have shown mercy he received.  So the king then turned him over to the jailer to be tortured until he paid back what he owed.  This is not where we want to end up.  Anger is strong emotion and if we are not careful it will rule our emotions. If we don't forgive and are not quick to resolve our anger, we too will find out we will be tortured.  

God desires that we have mercy.  He tells us that mercy triumphs over judgement.  His desire is that we forgive as we have been forgiven.  Jesus told us also in Matthew 18 that we are to forgive 70 times 7 in a day and he also gives us guidance and wisdom by telling us that if our brother sins against us to go to tell him privately.  We are to talk first to the one who offended us so that we may try to resolve it this way.  

God does not tell us to deny our anger.  Jesus too at times became angry, but he did not abide there.  He became angry and addressed the situation.  He moved on and did not let the enemy take control of his mind, will or emotions.  He chose to do what God called him to do.  He laid down his life for us so that we may receive the ultimate debt cancellation, the forgiveness of sins.  When we fully understand how great a gift this is, we truly will understand the love of God and desire to fulfill his purpose to love God and to love others.  

Don't give in to anger and allow the devil to gain a foothold!!